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Our Home

We desire a base building to call our home


We desire to have a place dedicated to worship, prayer and intercession. A place where YWAMers can go to anytime to pray both individually and with others. We also want to start hosting regular worship and prayer times open to the public, where local people can come to be themselves and to encounter the love of Christ.

Currently, we meet in each otherfs homes to pray and to worship at set times. As our team grows, we would like to have a larger space that is available anytime. We also have been unable to host public worship and prayer times due to the lack of a facility.


We desire to have a place to call our home as a YWAM community. A place where YWAMers can live together in an atmosphere of worship and prayer. A place to rest, and a place to dream.

Currently, we all live and meet in our own individual homes. But we are starting to run out of space as our team grows! We need a place to centre ourselves: whether for worship and prayer, ministry, events, or just hanging out.


We desire to have a place to host events to invite the local community to. Events that will help us to make friends and connections, with the hope of drawing people to know Jesus.

Here are some events we would like to host:

  • Christmas/New Year outreach
  • Easter outreach
  • Video game nights with young people
  • Mother and baby groups
  • Language and/or culture events (great for visiting teams!)

Up to now, it has been difficult to host these kinds of events due to not having easy access to local facilities.


We desire a place where people can receive training to know God and to make Him known.

We want to see Japanese people come to Sendai to be trained to be sent out all over the world, or to make God known here in their own country. We also want to see people from all over the world come to Sendai to be trained to reach the Japanese people specifically, as well as people all over the world.

A few of the schools we want to see established here include:

  • Discipleship Training School
  • School of Biblical Studies
  • School of Frontier Missions

We really need a facility to be able to house students and to have lectures!


We desire a place where short-term visitors, volunteers, teams, friends, and family members from both within and outside Japan can come and stay with us!

We value hospitality and want to create a comfortable environment for people to stay and to rest. We love having people come visit us in Sendai!

Up until now, it has been difficult for us to comfortably host people. We either cram people on a futon in a living room, or have them stay in an inconvenient location. We have also had to decline people from coming! :(

Partner with us!

We are looking for partners who will help us find a home

We are praying and believing for a large property with good access to central Sendai. We are happy to rent in the short term, but owning properly will open up a lot more for us in the long term.

Please pray about donating to our Building Fund!

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