Each member of our team is supported financially to serve with us in Japan. That being the case, YWAM Sendai has its own expenses, such as ministry expenses. We are also desiring to purchase property for office and meeting space, as well as accommodation for staff, teams, volunteers, and students. We would also like to own a vehicle to make it easier to travel around this region. If you would like to give towards YWAM Sendai, please use the following bank details depending on your location.


To save money on fees, we recommend using a money transfer service for sending money internationally, rather than directly via your bank. One service we recommend is Wise. Here are details you may need:


  • Branch name: JAPAN POST BANK, CO., LTD

  • Branch: OTEMACHI, 2-3-1

  • Branch code: IRS

  • Bank name: JAPAN POST BANK, CO., LTD

  • Bank Address: CHIYODA-KU

  • Country: JAPAN

  • Account number: 10140-65305041


  • Recipient’s address: 2-15-3 Kanmaki-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka-fu, 569-0003, JAPAN

Please send us an email telling us you have sent your donation, including the amount and date of transfer, to

Within Japan

The YWAM Sendai JP Bank account number is: 10140-65305041

For those that aren’t sure how to make transfers through the Japan Post Bank, here are directions:

Online (Japanese only):

You can find directions on how to make a transfer here.


  • At the ATM, insert your cashcard or bank book, then press the English button
  • Next, press Remittance and enter your PIN number
  • Input the first 5 numbers of the account number: 10140
  • Next, input the next 8 numbers: 65305041
  • Input the amount you wish to send
  • Confirm
  • You will be given an option to save this account. Doing this will make the process quick and easy from now on if you wanted to make future payments.
  • From now on, after pressing Remittance, you can choose the saved account, then input the amount.