Our Vision.

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Be still, and know that I am God (Psalm 46.10)

Throughout all we do, we want to give space for people to encounter God without stress or pressure.

University of the Nations

We would like to establish different schools registered with YWAM’s University of the Nations that will help train and equip people to know God and to make Him known! We want to see people come to Sendai to go deeper with God, to find God’s calling for their lives, to be equipped to make disciples, and to send them out to pioneer new works all over Tohoku, Japan, and the world–both Japanese and international students.

A few of the schools we want to see established here include:

  • Discipleship Training School (DTS)
  • School of Biblical Studies (SBS)
  • School of [Frontier] Missions (SO[F]M)

In order to run schools, we need a facility or facilities to host students and visiting speakers, lecture space(s), kitchen and dining hall, and space for worship and prayer.


  • Facilities!
  • Finances to furnish and maintain them
  • School leaders
  • School staff
  • Kitchen staff
  • Administration staff
  • Accountants
  • Worship leaders

Authentic Japanese Christianity

We really desire to see authentic expressions of Japanese Christianity! Right now, less than 1% of the Japanese population would call themselves Christian (including Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant traditions). We feel that one major reason for a stagnation in growth of Christianity in Japan is that although the Japanese have a strong cultural identity, the planted expression of Christianity in Japan maintains a foreign aesthetic. Beauty and aesthetics speak to the Japanese in a real way.

Although we acknowledge the universal and international flavour of Christian expression, we feel there are ways God has designed the Japanese in how they naturally worship, pray, and interact with both the natural and supernatural that have not been given expression in much of the established church here.

For example: What would a prayer space look like, where people can come to pray and encounter God 24/7? The Japanese have access to beautiful and peaceful Buddhist and Shinto gardens that are never closed. What would it be like to establish prayer gardens around Japan where the Japanese can simply come as they are, without the pressure of attending a church service or having to explain themselves to evangelists on the street?

We would like to establish a group of people who can further this conversation–exploring ways to express Christian prayer and worship in ways that deeply touch the Japanese heart and mind.


  • People who have a creative mind, or even have experience with Japanese art-forms, or have a knowledge of Shinto/Buddhist practice and thought

Cafe / Community Centre

We would like to establish a physical space where people can come and be themselves. To leave their worries at the door and to truly relax. Whether students worried about exams, young mothers worried about raising their children, or the elderly simply needing a place to sit with friendly faces. We want to be particularly avaliable to hikikomori (those that shut themselves away) and those that are unable to attend school or work due to various social reasons. We want to create an atmosphere of peace and joy, inviting the Holy Spirit to minister to people’s hearts.

We also want to run events to bring moments of fun and laughter to people–encouraging new friendships to be birthed. Live music, language practice, international culture nights, video game nights, arts and craft sessions, and informal invitation to times of prayer and Bible study.

Right now, we have taken a step in this direction by establishing a food truck called Kokoro Kitchen. “Kokoro” means “heart” in Japanese. The hope is that we can connect with local people in a natural way, and give us experience in serving in this way. But we do hope to have a physical space to better facilitate all we envision.


  • A facility!
  • People with skills, experiences and/or vision for a cafe / community centre
  • People with experience or knowledge about hikikomori and those with social difficulties, and/or suicide prevention
  • Finances to get started

Language Acquisition for Mission

We would like to establish a programme to assist foreign missionaries effectively acquire the Japanese language and culture, as well as to help Japanese people acquire English for the sake of being a missionary overseas or working with foreigners within Japan.

Currently, each foreign missionary with YWAM Sendai needs to find their own path and plan for acquiring the Japanese language. While some enjoy this freedom, others would benefit from more guidance at an affordable rate. We would like to make the transition into Japan for foreigners as smooth as possible.


  • People with experience with helping others acquire a foreign language (especially Japanese or English)

Guest House

We would like to establish a place where guests can come and find rest. This can include visitors from overseas, outreach teams, visiting family and friends, short-term missionaries, or even locals who need a safe place to stay.

We receive enquiries from outreach teams and volunteers who seek places to stay in Sendai so they can visit and minister to the people here. But we don’t have our own place to house them! Up to now, we have partnered with a local seminary and a church to host people when available, although we sometimes have to turn people down. We would love to host people ourselves.


  • A facility! The more rooms the better!
  • Finances to furnish and maintain it, and to keep costs low for visitors
  • People with a heart/skills for hospitality

Prayer Space

We would like to establish a space dedicated to prayer. A place with no distractions, where people can forget about the cares of the world and focus on God and be filled with His presence. This would be open to anyone, including local missionaries, pastors, believers, and even not-yet-believers who have a desire to pray to the unknown God who made them.

This could be a prayer garden, a small prayer room, a large prayer room, or even a whole house!


  • A facility!
  • Finances to furnish and maintain it
  • People with a passion for prayer and a desire to see others go deeper with God
  • Creatives and artists to help encourage people to focus on God

Connected Christian Community

We would like to establish a Christian community that is connected 24/7. This is a community that includes both physical and online expression. It is an online-native Christian community, where people meet together physically, organically, out of a desire to be together rather than being obligated because of our definition of “church.”

The reasons for the connectedness are many. Some include:

  • Younger generations are connected with each other at all times. Community without this today is arguably no community at all.
  • Sometimes we need prayer or encouragement randomly throughout the day/week.
  • Those with social anxiety (including the hikikomori) find it hard to be in large groups, yet still long for community.
  • Those with busy schedules (common in Japan) find it hard to meet with others for worship, prayer, or even fellowship.

This community would be especially welcome to:

  • Local believers looking for a Christian community/church
  • Believers already connected to a church, but desire a 24/7 online community element
  • Those new to Christianity and wanting to find out more (or just attracted to the community!)

Of course, the desire is not to keep the community limited to online. We want to encourage regular physical meet-ups for prayer, worship, Bible study, discipleship, evangelism, outreach trips, and fun!

Note: Since putting words to this vision, COVID happened! Churches all over the world moved their church services online. While there have been benefits with this, there have been other negative consequences. Primarily, it has facilitated a form of “church” without the fellowship. Something that one can watch or experience, whether live or recorded. This is not what we are envisioning here! (Not centred around a streamed weekly “church service” for example)


  • People with experience with online community
  • People with experience with discipleship and/church planting (and willing to try new things!)

Pioneer New Ministries

We desire to pioneer new ministries and YWAM communities both here in Sendai and within the whole of the Tohoku region! This is one of the least-reached areas of Japan. We want to equip and encourage people to GO!


  • People with new ministries on their heart

Partner with us!

We are looking for partners who will join us in reaching the Japanese in Northern Japan.

As you can see, we have a lot of things we want to see pioneered here. And we believe this is just the start! We want to see new works pioneered all over the Tohoku region of Japan.

There are two ways you can partner with us:


You, or someone you know, can come join us here!

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The things we are believing for require a lot of money! Though some of the things we want to do can be done with rented property, we would also like to own property (and land!).

Please pray about donating, especially so we can own property!

(If you would like to give to something in particular, please let us know.)

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